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Our staff

Our staff are at the centre of providing positive social modelling and relational security within the home.

To this end, our staff will be the key elements in the therapeutic environment. We are therefore committed to the ongoing development of a highly skilled staff team, which is why we provide not only high quality in-house training, but why each staff member will also receive regular supervision, appraisals and engage in reflective practice.

Our ‘Social Care Commitment’

The Social Care Commitment is the adult social care sector’s promise to provide people who need care and support with high quality services.

It is made up of seven ‘I will’ statements, with associated tasks. Each commitment will focus on the minimum standards required when working in care. CTS have signed up to this commitment and we are in the process of working through an action plan to embed the values within the recruitment, training and supervision process. We expect all our staff to be motivated to sign up to these commitments with us. Please us the link below to look in more detail at the social care commitment and what it involves.

SCC october 2015

Staff training

We are investing in the new Care Certificate for all staff and have a rolling training programme to ensure that all new staff receive their induction and competency assessments within a short time of working for us.

All staff receive a paid two week induction training programme that takes them through the statutory training as well as topics more specific to the individuals who use the service. All staff are trained in BILD approved Positive Behavioural Support Training (including theory and practice of PRT and Positive Behaviour Support Plans) during this induction period.

We ensure that the staff we employ all have suitable evidence based training around challenging behaviour and that they have the right attitude to support the individuals in the service.

Continued professional development (CPD)

There is ongoing CPD to regularly refresh and improve knowledge and skills and we provide training in specific topics that might include Emotional Regulation Problems (Borderline Personality Disorder), Autism, Social Coaching, Challenging Behaviour, Communication, Mental Health and Person Centred Planning. In-house training on the specialist nature of our client group is provided by Clinical Psychologists, Nurses, and an Occupational Therapist who leads a team of PRT trainers.

We are committed to the Positive Behavioural Support Coalition UK Framework, and as such we are promoting and providing free training in the BTEC Diploma in Positive Behaviour Management.

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Feedback from our staff on training

“I would like to thank you for the updating/ training around safeguarding and touching on the MCA. I found it well presented and interesting. You managed to keep everyone’s attention without us getting bored or restless.

On the occasions that you have visited Ellenborough Court I have found you very open and easy to approach and talk to, with a great deal of knowledge. This will be a great benefit  not just for myself but the whole staff team.

I look forward to maybe more presentation and using you to improve my working practice”.

CTS staff member