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What we do for you

Our staff are at the centre of providing positive social modelling and relational security within the home.

To this end, our staff will be the key elements in the therapeutic environment. We are therefore committed to the ongoing development of a highly skilled staff team, which is why we provide not only high quality in-house training, but why each staff member will also receive regular supervision, appraisals and engage in reflective practice.

It is through these practices that we can ensure an evolving system of quality assurance within the home and service. There are additional opportunities for external and specialist training relevant to all staff, with the intention to ensure high standards and continuity of care given.

It is our duty to provide effective and appropriate leadership, management, mentoring and supervision.

We understand that good leadership is essential in setting the culture and values. As such we have dedicated meetings to filter information from the ground up as well as from the clinical team to those working on the front line.  With managers meetings, clinical meetings, Quality meetings, staff briefings and bite size training to enable best practice and continued professional development.

Career Development and Pathways to Promotion

We are committed to promote staff internally and use the supervision and appraisal system to guide performance. We have a clear pay-scale that relates to performance indicators so all staff can track their progress and understand what they might need to do to progress further. We offer training for staff on becoming managers and some of our services are being led by staff who have risen through the levels from care support staff, senior support, team leader, then trainee manager.