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When, where, and how we began

Community Therapeutic Services Ltd (CTS), is an ethical company that provides specialist person-centred residential and domiciliary care for people with intellectual/learning disabilities and/or autism and mental health needs.

CTS was founded in 2006 by the current directors, Dr David Bladon-Wing and Dr Emily Bladon-Wing, who are both experienced Consultant Clinical Psychologists.

David and Emily set up CTS after working for many years in secure hospital environments, and as a result of feeling frustrated about the lack of robust and skilled community provision for people who may use behaviour to support their communication.

In the spirit of the Mansell report (1993), David and Emily decided to open up a service for people with intellectual/learning disabilities and/or autism in the community that could promote and maintain mental and physical well-being and enhance quality of life.

Their first residential service, Victoria Court, opened its doors in March 2007 after many months of “getting the environment right”. Since this time, CTS has expanded its residential services to include Ellenborough Court in 2008, Longton Court in 2010, Bridgwater Court in 2013, and most recently Stewart Court in 2016.

In order to provide essential move on services into the community and maintain continuity of care, CTS developed a domiciliary care service which first opened in 2009.